Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fresh face for old dating service

NZ Personals has been around for over 8 years now and has undergone a lot of changes in this time. Starting out as a clean dating website, they adapted the site to people's needs, but in the process has earned them the unwarranted title of "sex site". However, this year they are taking steps to clean up their reputation.

NZ Personals has bought the name OnlineDating.co.nz as a first step toward segregating those who are seeking friendship and romance from those who are primarily seeking sex. It's a difficult task though, and may take quite a few months, but it is essential. Our goal is to have one unified website that caters to everyone's needs and those who are easily offended by sexual themes will be unaware of the adult content that is hidden beneath the surface. Having said this, it is not our goal to unfairly disadvantage our existing customers, so rest assured the site will still continue to provide many of the sexual features that have already been established.

Over the next few months we will post updates on this project, watch this space!


Unknown said...

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Eugene said...
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