Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NZPersonals - reclassified!

NZPersonals is an Adult Social Network for kiwis (and some Aussies too).

I can tell you, that when I first created NZPersonals, my intention was to create a dating website for kiwis and I wanted to provide more options than any other dating website. For example, at the time I wrote the initial pages, no other dating site accommodated or had allowances for the many different shades of sexuality or gender.

Over the years, as this site has grown, many people have joined under misguided expectations; i.e. they have wrongly deduced that because we provided a plethora of options, that this is site is only a "sex site".
I must say that this narrow viewpoint disappoints me every time I see anyone post such comments. I've worked my arse off to provide kiwis with a community where they can feel free to be whoever they wish to be and form friendships with people who they wouldn't have otherwise known existed.
This is the principle of a SOCIAL NETWORK for adults (in my humble opinion)

Yes, a majority of people are using the site to get laid, have affairs, and explore their own sexuality, or whatever, but I would advise people to not refer to this site as a "sex site", because NZPersonals is far more than that, and is far superior to any "dating site".

To say that NZPersonals is a "sex site", is like saying that Hewlett Packard are manufacturers of pornographic viewing machines. Do you see how silly and narrow minded that point of view is?

In conclusion, if you wish to give NZPersonals a label, then "Adult Social Network" is the accepted title.
Thanks for reading this, enjoy your time on my site.

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